6000 Seats Southern Arena Football Stadium


Day by day, we all understand the value of sports better and we do more sports. As such, the demand for sports fields, sports equipment, and stadiums is undoubtedly increasing. At this point, stadium building made with quality products is of great importance. Offering stadiums with 1000-45000 seats with 1000 to 45000 seats, WePadel has become one of the best for stadium construction.

Sierra Leone 6000 Capacity Football Stadium

WePadel completed a turnkey project in the African city of Sierra Leone Bo in just 9 months for 6000 seats Southern Arena stadium. In this facility, the company has taken FIFA standards into consideration while following significant stadium construction stages:

  • Conducting a feasibility study: Before starting any stadium construction project, it's essential to conduct a feasibility study to determine the viability of the project. This study considers factors such as the location, the cost of construction, the expected revenue streams, and the potential risks.
  • Developing a design and plan: Once the feasibility study is complete, the next step is to develop a design and plan for the stadium. This includes the size and layout of the stadium, the seating capacity, the facilities and amenities, and the construction timeline and budget.
  • Obtaining necessary permits and approvals: Before beginning any construction work, it's crucial to obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities. This includes zoning permits, building permits, environmental permits, and safety permits.
  • Hiring a construction team: To ensure a successful stadium construction project, it's essential to hire a reputable construction team with experience in building stadiums. Our team includes architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers.
  • Beginning construction: Once all the necessary approvals and permits are obtained, and our construction team is in place, the actual construction work can begin. It's important to monitor progress regularly, manage the budget carefully, and address any issues that arise promptly.
  • Testing and commissioning the stadium: Once construction is complete, the stadium undergoes testing and commissioning to ensure it meets safety and operational standards. This involves testing the lighting, sound systems, seating, and other facilities and amenities.
  • Launching and managing the stadium: Finally, once the stadium is fully operational, we launch and manage it efficiently. This involves marketing and promoting the stadium, managing ticket sales, scheduling events, and maintaining the facilities and amenities.

Successful and Smooth Process by WePadel

As a result of 6000 persons stadium, WePadel offered the following services as demanded in line with FIFA standards:

  1. Infrastructure works,
  2. Ground and arrangements,
  3. Electricity and weak currents,
  4. Steel tribune and seat assemblies,
  5. Installation of lighting poles,
  6. Laying artificial turf,
  7. LED scoreboard and perimeter-led application,
  8. Construction of living spaces,
  9. Environmental regulations.

If you also want to build a stadium that is both safe and comfortable for sports fans and sports enthusiasts, you can contact the WePadel team immediately and get quality services for your needs. You may visit the related website in order to get further information.

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