What are the Padel Tennis Court Types?


When it comes to racquet sports, the first thing that comes to mind is tennis. Then table tennis, badminton, and squash are ranked. Well, have you heard of the sports branch called padel which is a sport played with a padel tennis racket before?

In this article, you will get acquainted with the new racquet sport padel, which is rapidly becoming popular in the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, and get further information about padel tennis court types.

What is Padel Tennis?

Padel tennis is a different type of tennis and a sport played with a racket. It has been popular in Latin American countries Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. It is also known as paddle tennis in America. Padel tennis courts are approved by the FIP.

Additionally, padel is a sport that is very similar to tennis and squash in terms of rules and technique. However, there are minor differences. Its biggest advantage is that its basic techniques are easy to learn and it is a communicative game that appeals to all age groups. Padel is played in three sets and follows the same rules as tennis.


What are the Types of Padel Tennis Courts?

The field where tennis is played is divided into two in terms of whether the upper part is open or closed.

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The courts that people see mostly in big tournaments, courts in sites, and hotels are usually outdoor courts. Outdoor courts, which are also built for professional tennis matches and are more aesthetically pleasing, offer a good atmosphere for the spectators watching the match live. Outdoor padel tennis court floor types can be artificial grass, acrylic floor, or tartan floor.

Persons or institutions that do not want to be affected by adverse weather conditions and do this job for economic purposes mostly prefer indoor padel tennis courts. They often find such indoor courts in official sports halls, commercial tennis courts, or tennis schools. Indoor padel tennis court floor types can be artificial grass, acrylic floor, or tartan floor.

What are the Floor Types Used for Padel Tennis Courts?

The ground is extremely important for the health of the athlete, especially on the padel tennis court. Representatives of this sport, whose leg muscles are very important for their career, should neither step on too hard ground nor soft ground. Because surfaces that are too soft or too hard affect the muscles of padel tennis players, especially under the knee area and in the calf. In padel tennis, courts are divided into several groups according to their floors.

Padel tennis courts are built on a certain system. Especially, the synthetic ground is used when making padel tennis courts. This synthetic ground tennis court is surrounded by a panel fence and a safe sports field is made.

The most preferred types of floors used in the construction of padel tennis courts are as follows;

  • Artificial Grass Padel Tennis Court
  • Acrylic Padel Tennis Court
  • Tartan Padel Tennis Court

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What is the Cost of a Padel Tennis Court?


The cost of padel tennis court construction varies depending on the type of floor used. In order to get further information, one should contact the company that they prefer.

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