Most Suitable Artificial Grass for Padel Court Construction


Padel tennis courts can be made in any size needed for amateur use, apart from their fixed dimensions that have been determined in international media. Companies that are well-known padel court manufacturers with international expertise in this field offer many services and they also inform you about the padel tennis court construction process.

How is a Padel Tennis Court Constructed?

Padel tennis courts are constructed in the form of concrete casting, iron works, wire mesh lighting, synthetic grass carpet flooring, and finally tennis net installation.

Padel tennis courts are excavated for the beam formwork that will go all around the base area, then a net is made using 8 and 12 iron bars for the beam. In order to connect the main posts of the fence to be positioned inside the perimeter beam, 3 anchor pipes are placed on the scale at regular intervals. Then, drainage channels are opened to establish the ready-mixed concrete pouring system for the perimeter beam formwork. When this process is completed with material suitable for the drainage system in the field, these channels are closed and made zero with the ground. The padel tennis court's floor is then filled with gravel after the drainage system is finished. After all these stages, the installation of the perimeter poles and wire pairs begins. Anchor pipes placed on the line are connected vertically by welding the pipes and in the support pipes. Then, reinforcement is applied to the horizontal pipes from 4 corners diagonally. Vertical pipes are laid on the vertical pipes located on the four sides of the field at regular intervals.


What is the Importance of Flooring in the Construction of Padel Tennis Courts?

Padel court sand, which is specially produced from silica, is poured onto the synthetic carpet where the padel tennis court is planned. With the brushing machine, the sand is well fed to the artificial grass and the tennis court is made ready for the competitions. With the use of artificial grass carpet as a flooring system in padel tennis courts and advantages courts, excellent softness performance will be achieved and you can continue to protect your skin health.

Which Artificial Grass Must Be Used for Padel Tennis Courts?

The artificial turf used in the construction of the padel tennis court is the same as the artificial turf used for the standard tennis court. Tennis artificial grass is a quality grass that prevents slipping during the game and provides fast movement. Even in bad weather conditions, you can play padel tennis without slipping on the floor. Even if you fall, padel tennis synthetic grass prevents injury with its shock-absorbing feature. This provides both safe and comfortable gaming. In addition, although the padel tennis grass is used extensively, it does not deform over time.

How to Find the Best Padel Court Manufacturer?

If you want to get the best product or service, you must find the best manufacturer. In order to do this, you can surf the internet, read the related comments about the companies, or contact with the people who got padel court service from the company that you want to get service.

WePadel and Padel Court Construction

padel tennis court construction

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