How to Build a Padel Court?


Many leading companies complete padel court construction with their expert and the experienced team quickly on a turnkey basis. The stages of infrastructure, iron, wire mesh, lighting, laying artificial turf carpet, and tennis net installation are all finished off in the construction of these tennis courts.

In this article that we have prepared for you, we will focus on padel court construction and what is needed for it.

What Makes Padel Courts Different?

One of the primary distinctions between tennis and padel is the nature of the court. The glass that surround a padel tennis court are substantially smaller and have a significant impact on the game. Because they pass the ball through these walls while playing. The use of toughened safety glass and wire mesh as the boundary material allows the spectators to see the padel tennis court clearly.



The padel court is 10 meters broad and 20 meters long, in accordance with the regulations established by the international authorities. The tennis court is also rectangular, but it is 23.78 meters long, 8.23 ​​meters wide for singles, and 10.97 meters wide for doubles. There are no walls on the sides, and the lines are white.

The center and sides of a tennis match are 0.914 meters and 1.07 meters, respectively. The center height of the net on padel tennis courts is 0.88 meters, and the tip height is 0.92 meters. These tennis courts can be smaller in amateur use areas, except for 18m x 36m dimensions.

It is also possible to say that there are special tennis carpet models for padel tennis courts. Tennis court artificial grass variants range from 15mm pile to 30mm air. However, for tennis artificial turf carpets, the 26mm carpet variant is typically recommended.

Which Stages Are Followed for a Padel Court Construction?

The stages to be considered for a padel court construction can be listed as follows:

  • Concrete Beam: It is made by connecting Polywood formworks.
  • Slope: It is inclined in one direction.
  • Infrastructure: The floor must be concrete for applications involving artificial grass carpet. If Tartan or Acrylic floor application will be preferred, it should be a concrete or asphalt floor. Asphalt is the suggested and preferred surface.
  • Steel Construction: Welding and painting works is done in the factory environment and mounted to the ground with screws in the field.
  • Glass: With the aid of unique glass fasteners and 10 mm tempered glass, it is attached to the steel construction.
  • Padel Court Lighting: Outdoor padel courts are usually lit by 4 floodlights.

Every company considers different elements for the construction. For this reason, one needs to contact the company to get further information.

What are Padel Tennis Court Floor Types?

Different alternatives can be used as a floor in padel tennis courts. Tartan padel tennis courts, artificial grass padel tennis courts, or courts with acrylic padel tennis floors can be built.

What is Padel Tennis Court Construction Time?

Construction of a typical padel tennis court typically takes 29 to 31 days. This time frame was computed generally. The process may change depending on the project type and product type being employed.



WePadel and Padel Court Construction

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